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Invitation to World Literature

INVITATION TO WORLD LITERATURE brings together a tantalizing mix of writers, literary scholars, artists and performers to explore timeless tales from a variety of eras and cultures. Writers and scholars discuss key scenes while artists and performers deliver modern interpretations of an eclectic collection stretching from ancient Greece (Euripides) to the French Enlightenment (Voltaire) to the modern day (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Guests include: actor Alan Cummings, theater director Mary Zimmerman, actor-director Tim Blake-Nelson, acclaimed composer Philip Glass, playwright David Henry Huang, film director Harold Ramis, actress Kristen Chenoweth and humorist Mo Rocca.

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Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 - 3:00 PM    "Things Fall Apart" In this foundational modern African novel, Chinua Achebe's story follows the lives of people trying to understand which belief systems deserve their loyalty. The protagonist, Okonkwo is a tribal leader who battles neighboring villages, the English, and his own demons in early colonial Nigeria. The perspectives of readers from around the world reveal the novel's universal themes. D
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