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Garrow's Law

Andrew Buchan (Cranford, Party Animals), Alun Armstrong (New Tricks, Little Dorrit) and Lyndsey Marshall (Rome) star in GARROW'S LAW, inspired by the life of pioneering barrister William Garrow. Based on actual legal cases from the late 18th century, GARROW'S LAW is set in the Old Bailey of Georgian London against a backdrop of corruption and social injustice. Each episode begins with the investigation of a case sourced from the Old Bailey archives - from rape and murder to high treason, and follows Garrow (Buchan) and his associate John Southouse (Armstrong) working to uncover the truth as they fight for justice.

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Episode Description
Friday, Mar 15, 2013 - 1:30 AM

Garrow takes on the case of a prostitute accused of murdering a client. Garrow's relationshp with his mentor, John Southouse, is still strained until a desperate Mary Hamer arrives in Southouse's office, begging Garrow to defend her husband. John Hamer has been languishing in Newgate Prison for months without being charged after being arrested on suspicion of sedition. G
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