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Museum of Life

For the first time viewers will get a real glimpse into life behind-the-scenes for hundreds of scientists in this much-loved institution. The series shows some of the important work the Museum's leading scientists do as well as tell the stories of some of the amazing specimens. Museum of Life is hosted by Jimmy Doherty, who as a young man, volunteered at the Museum. Jimmy returns to join the Museum scientists, working with some of the millions of specimens looked after there, and travelling to projects around the world. Jimmy Doherty is joined by engineer Kate Bellingham, doctor of tropical medicine . . .

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Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 - 2:00 AM    "A Collection for the Future" Jimmy Doherty and the team culminate the miniseries by learning how science taking place today is expected to impact humans in the future. Beetles inspire new technologies; the latest scanner allows scientists to take a trip inside a shark; and ancient specimens are called into the battle to help prevent extinction. Part 6 of 6 G
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Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 - 2:00 AM "A Collection for the Future" (IDAHO)
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