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Kimchi Chronicles

Part travelogue, part food fantasy and part documentary of self-discovery, the public television series KIMCHI CHRONICLES follows acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his Korean-born wife Marja as they explore and celebrate Korea's cuisine and culture in the company of chefs, home cooks and their good friend, actress Heather Graham. In each episode, Marja and Jean-Georges step into restaurants and home kitchens to experience real, authentic Korean cooking. Going straight to the source to find the best of Korea, they visit every corner of the country - from the rolling hills of Jeju Island's green tea gardens to a sprawling market . . .

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Episode Description
Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 - 9:30 AM    "The Pork Chronicles" As opposed to the lean-is-better preference in the United States, Koreans love their pork full of fat - and flavor. In this episode, Marja, her dear friend, the actress Heather Graham, and an expert food blogger named Daniel eat classic pork barbeque at Heukdonga restaurant in Seoul. They also stop by Songgane Gamjatang, where Seoul's taxi drivers convene for pork bone soup and the grand pork dish known as bo ssam. D
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