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Life On Fire

Volcanoes are among the most spectacular and powerful forces on our planet. They create new land, change landscapes and destroy civilizations, but more than two billion years ago, they also breathed life into our world. From the ocean abyss to snow-covered summits, this ambitious series paints a detailed picture of the struggles and amazing intimacy required to survive around volcanoes. Spectacular scenery provides the backdrop for the extraordinary animals and plants that have learned to juggle with fire. Fragile and engaging, these creatures teach us lessons in survival in a world as fascinating as it is dangerous.

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Episode Description
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013 - 9:00 PM
"Ash Runners"
On the volcanic island of New-Britain off the coast of Papua New Guinea, a handful of animals have learned to live with the Earth's moods. When ash from a volcanic eruption invades their habitat, the choice is simple: leave or stay and adapt. In truth, it's not that easy, since volcanoes and their actions are unpredictable and each creature responds in its own way. D
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