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Life In Cold Blood

Reptiles and amphibians ruled the world for nearly 200 million years and today there are over 14,000 varieties of them. Some are huge - among the deadliest creatures on Earth; others are tiny and number among the strangest. Where did these ancient creatures come from? How have they transformed themselves into the bizarre and beautiful forms alive today? And what is the secret of their epic success? The very latest technology enables extraordinary and previously unseen behaviour to be captured in intimate detail, overturning the myth that cold blooded life is slow, solitary and primitive and revealing these creatures to . . .

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 10:00 PM
"The Cold Blooded Truth"
In the Galapagos Islands, thermal imagery reveals how marine iguanas accumulate power for sea diving by basking in the sun. Female side-blotched lizards in California choose mates from among males who have claimed the hottest rocks. Saltwater crocodiles, the ultimate cold-blooded killers, conduct tender courtships. Part 1 of 5 G

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