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Divine Women

If there was a golden age for women in religion, it certainly isn't the 21st century. The status of women in religion is currently a contentious subject, from the furor in the Anglican Church over women bishops to heated debates about the role of women in Islam. But it wasn't always this way - in the past women were often powerful players in the act of worship. From powerful Greek priestesses to rampaging Hindu goddesses; from Machiavellian Christian matriarchs to the women who shaped the early history of Islam, this series brings stories of the most inspiring female figures in . . .

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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 - 7:00 PM
"The War of the World"
In the final episode host Bettany Hughes looks at Theodora, the prostitute who became an empress and allied herself with Mary the Mother of God to rule over a great Christian empire. Hughes also looks at the legacy of one of the wives of the prophet Mohammad: Khadija, the first convert to Islam and Aisha, whose words are still read by more than 2 billion men and women today. Part 3 of 3 G
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