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Wild Africa

Africa is the mother continent, the core from which all the other continents were torn away 100 million years ago. Since then, three factors have had profound consequences on its wildlife. This mighty block of land has stayed in much the same place - it stands alone and it straddles the equator. It has also been protected from crippling ice ages and destructive invasions as well as nurtured by gentle changes in climate and geology.

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Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013 - 10:00 PM    "Coasts" Formed by the break-up of Gondwanaland 100 million years ago, Africa's coasts define the continent's familiar shape, and touch on deserts, mountains, forests, wetlands and savannahs. The program traces the continent's distant past and reveals the present through satellite imagery, aerial footage and underwater photography. The program includes shore visits with rich and varied wild plant and animal life. Part 4 of 6 G
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