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PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND features a summary of the day's national and international news, using renowned experts to offer analysis. Each weekend broadcast will contain original, in-depth field reporting on topics including education, healthcare, the economy, energy, science and technology, religion, finance and the arts. Hari Sreenivasan anchors.

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Sunday, Oct 22, 2017 - 6:00 PM    "Extending Nuclear Energy: Is Climate Change Giving Nuclear Power a Reprieve?" Since the the partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor in 1979 on Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, fears over potential nuclear disasters and unresolved disputes over how to dispose of spent nuclear fuel rods have stymied the industry's plans to expand capacity. Former President Richard Nixon once envisioned building 1,000 nuclear power plants across the country, but today there are only 99 commercial nuclear reactors still running in 30 states. Yet, the onset of climate change is, to a certain extent, tempering calls to reduce nuclear power because reactors don't emit the gases responsible for global warming. D

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