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Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine

The compelling six-hour series THE ROAD FROM CHRIST TO CONSTANTINE charts Christianity's evolution from a small movement to the largest religion in the world, with more than two billion followers. Host Jonathan Phillips, an author and distinguished history professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, journeys into the fascinating world of the early Christians to explore the faith's long struggle and triumph against the odds. He recounts some of Christianity's pivotal moments at the actual locations where they unfolded, including Bethlehem (site of Jesus' birth), Judea (where Jesus preached) and Rome (where Emperor Constantine the Great embraced the faith as . . .

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Episode Description
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 - 8:00 PM    "Constantine" In the final episode, host Jonathan Phillips explains how Rome exerted its fullest effort to eradicate Christianity. The faith grew stronger as the empires and emperors weakened. It would be the conversion of one man - Constantine the Great - that would fully transform the fortunes of the Christian faith. Part 6 of 6 G
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