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Mountain Gorilla

Our endangered relative Mountain gorillas and humans are alike in so many ways. Their stories mirror our own experiences of life, from sibling rivalry, single parents and clashes between fathers and sons, to fading leaders and young upstarts. For the first time, this series follows this charismatic species across the three countries that make up its home: Rwanda, Uganda and the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Filmed over six months, Mountain Gorilla offers the most detailed picture of gorilla life to date
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Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 - 5:00 AM    "Last Stand of the Silverback King" The plight of a silverback leader is revealed as being one of both real hardship and great reward. In Rwanda, Titus, the world's best loved and best known silverback, finally meets his match - his own son, Rano. But just how far will Rano go to take his father's crown? In an epic battle for control there can be only one winner. Battle scarred and unappreciated by his group, has Marembo's desperate bid for supremacy finally come to an end? Marembo may have the muscle but does he have the brains to de-throne Rukina. While both are busy trying to keep control of the group neither notices that 10 month old baby gorilla Ponoka has gotten caught up in the middle of a potentially fatal encounter. Who will come to his rescue? 2 of 3 G
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