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The Great Rift - Africa's Wild Heart

Visible from space, Africa's Great Rift Valley runs four thousand miles from the Red Sea to the mouth of the Zambezi - a diverse landscape of erupting volcanoes, forest-clad mountains, spectacular valleys, rich grasslands, vast lakes and mighty rivers. Home to the greatest concentration of animals on Earth - lions, crocodiles, elephants, hippos and flocks of flamingos - and pastoralists such as the Maasai - this is a land in constant geological turmoil. Great Rift takes you to another world - a world of exotic extremes, where the forces of nature have shaped the landscape and so created a hotbed . . .

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Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018 - 10:00 PM    "Water" The Great Rift Valley channels a huge diversity of waterways - rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caustic springs and coral seas - spanning from Egypt to Mozambique. Some lake and ocean deeps harbour previously unseen life-forms, while caustic waters challenge life to the extreme. But where volcanic minerals enrich the Great Rift's waterways, they provide the most spectacular concentrations of birds, mammals and fish in all Africa. Part 2 of 3 G

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