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Italy's Invisible Cities

Following the striking revelations of Rome's Invisible City, historian Dr Michael Scott embarks on a new adventure to explore the hidden treasures of three more of Italy's astonishing cities - Naples, Venice and Florence - bringing a fascinating new insight into 2,000 years of history. Drawing on cutting-edge technology, including ultra-high- definition 3D scans, CGI and drone cameras, the series reveals the secret spaces of these extraordinary cities in vivid detail. Innovative new underwater scans of the Bay of Naples reveal the sunken world of a Roman holiday resort, submerged by ancient earthquakes, then it's on to Venice to explore . . .
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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018 - 7:00 PM    "Naples" Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover 2500 years of hidden history in the city of Naples. They explore how the ever-present volcano of Mount Vesuvius both nurtured the region and exacted a terrible price from those who benefited from living close by. They delve into a labyrinth of underground spaces that helped build and sustain the city. D
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