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IDAHO EXPERIENCE brings to life the stories of the extraordinary people and defining events that have shaped Idaho's past and present.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 7:30 PM    "Taking The Reins" Many women of the American West engaged in unpaid servitude and sacrifice- but for some, the West afforded a light of freedom and equality. Taking the Reins offers two such examples. Katherine Caroline Wilkins was born in 1857 in the Oregon Territory, the daughter of fortune-seeking pioneers. She parlayed 40 dollars into a fortune and became one of the most successful horse sellers in the United States. The show also features a contemporary of Wilkins, May Arkwright Hutton. Born poor in Ohio and abandoned by her parents, Hutton would become one of the richest women in the American West. Hutton ran a boarding house in the Wallace area while also investing in mines, including the Hercules, which turned out to be on top of a huge silver vein. Hutton and her husband used their newfound wealth to help many people and causes. G

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