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Food Over 50

The mission of the cooking series FOOD OVER 50 is to inform, instruct and entertain America's late Gen-X, Boomer and senior audiences with artistic and appetizing preparations of wide-ranging international recipes that are nutritionally enticing. Hosted by David Jackson, FOOD OVER 50 is primarily taped in the scenic Mojave Desert, with cooking segments taking place in the kitchen, and select seafood recipes shot at Jackson's quaint seaside cottage in The Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The series also provides viewers with their own personal nutritionist. During each episode, registered dietician Elizabeth Kelsey joins David to critique recipes from a health perspective . . .
Episode Description
Monday, Jun 18, 2018 - 10:00 AM    "The Weighty Issue of Calorie Counting" Chef/host David Jackson and resident dietician Elizabeth Kelsey show viewers that healthy calories from whole foods are nothing to stress over and not worth tabulating. But empty calories, from highly refined, over-processed foods, are what we need to scrutinize. David's trio of good calorie - not just low calorie - recipes reflect this fresh and tasty approach with Italian insalata di cavolo, plus stick-to-your-ribs southern-style beans and greens, both whipped up in the studio kitchen. D
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