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Nigella: At My Table

This series is a delicious celebration of home cooking - the food that makes people feel happy and welcome as they sit around the table. Whether offering her fresh take on familiar classics, or creating new dishes inspired by different cuisines, Nigella ensures that everyday eating is always pleasurable, with a minimum of fuss. Creating dishes as mouth-watering and inventive as ever, Nigella demonstrates those special shortcuts that make life easier without sacrificing taste, ensuring that you can spend precious time with family and friends - at your table.
Episode Description
Thursday, Jun 21, 2018 - 8:30 AM    Nigella shares ideas for feasts throughout the day. Nigella's savory take on French toast is an ideal choice for weekend brunch or a comforting and quick supper. With friends to entertain, Nigella rustles up an informal Mediterranean dish for dinner, juicy spiced lamb kofta with garlic sauce. D
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