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Saturday, Jul 27, 2013 - 8:30 AM    "Wrapper's Delight/Dive Swim Scoop" Wrappers Delight - Sally and Nick are trying to wrap a present for their moMs. But they're having probleMs. Why meeting Cat's good friend Gina the Giraffe Weevil, will help! Gina shows them how she uses leaves to wrap her eggs to protect them while she waits for them to hatch. They learn how to carefully roll and fold the leaf so it doesn't rip and it protects the egg. Back at home they can finally finish wrapping their present - a statue of the Cat in the Hat! Dive Swim Scoop - There's a frog in Nick and Sally's pool! They have to get him out but can't catch him. D
(#216) Show is for Ages 7 and over DVS Enabled

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