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The Artist Toolbox

In THE ARTIST TOOLBOX, leading American actors, singers, musicians, designers, painters, dancers, architects and authors discuss their challenges and passions, and the satisfaction they derive from practicing their art. Writer-director John Jacobsen, a faculty member at TheFilmSchool in Seattle, coaxes from his talented subjects engaging insights and candor. Surprising moments from these intimate, frank and humorous discussions reveal the raw beauty behind the creative process. This season, Jacobsen joins inspiring creative masters, including Tony-winning actor Jason Alexander, pop/classical crossover violinist David Garrett, author Isabel Allende, Grammy-winning performer John Legend, fashion designers Isabel and Ruben Toledo, actor Tom Skerritt, haute couture . . .

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Episode Description
Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 - 5:00 PM    "Jason Alexander" In this episode, join host John Jacobsen in the beautifully-remodeled Saban Theatre in Los Angeles as he attempts to crack up classic funny-man Jason Alexander, perhaps best known as George Costanza from the ground-breaking sitcom, "Seinfeld." While having such a successful show often typecasts actors for the rest of their careers, Alexander talks about breaking the mold and forging a career based on craft, training and ambition. Having enjoyed an active career on the stage for the past twenty years, including his Tony Award-winning performance in Jerome Robbins' Broadway and the Los Angeles production of The Producers with Martin Short, he has also appeared in numerous films, including Pretty Woman. D
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