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INTELLIGENCE SQUARED features provocative and informative debates on hot-button concerns of the day. Moderated by ABC's John Donvan, each program includes experts, specialists and passionate advocates on both sides of an issue. Taking the traditional approach of Oxford-style debate, one side proposes and the other side opposes a sharply framed motion, with two to three speakers on each side. After the formal arguments, the debate is thrown open to the floor for questions, triggering an interchange among speakers and audience. The studio audience votes on the motion before and then after hearing the arguments, providing a clear measure of how . . .

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Friday, Mar 29, 2013 - 11:00 PM    "Does Science Refute God?" On the fundamental question--evolution or creation?--Americans are on the fence. According to one survey, while 61% of Americans believe we have evolved over time, 22% believe this evolution was guided by a higher power, with another 31% on the side of creationism. For some, modern science debunks many of religion's core beliefs, but for others, questions like "Why are we here?" and "How did it all come about?" can only be answered through a belief in the existence of God. D
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