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January 25, 2014
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5:00 am 
Martha Speaks  "My Mother The Dog/Martha's Must-Have"  My Mother the Dog - Inspired by Ronald's parrot, Martha starts doing impersonations. It turns out her imitation of Helen's mom is spot-on. But when she starts answering phone calls in Mariella's voice, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. D

5:30 am 
Peg + Cat  "The Pirate Problem/The Sleepover Problem"  The Pirate Problem - Pirate Island. Peg and Cat show a group of very hungry Pirates how to share tropical fruit fairly. Primary Content: Fair sharing; Secondary Content: Adding within 4. D

6:00 am 
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood  "Calm for Storytime/Calm at the Clock Factory"  Calm for Storytime: The children are going to the Neighborhood Library for story time and all the excitement has made them feel a bit silly. Prince Wednesday has a hard time getting calm for the library, but discovers that there are times to be calm and times when it's more than okay to be silly. Calm at the Clock Factory: Daniel and his friends are visiting Dad Tiger's Clock Factory. D

6:30 am 
Sid The Science Kid  "Get Up and Move!"  NULL

7:00 am 
Sesame Street  "Judy & The Beast"  Judy needs to find the perfect, unique beast for her story. She tries out many, but finds that a horse is just right for the job. Educational Objective: Self-Regulation. D

8:00 am 
Curious George  "Dj George/Curious George Paints The Desert"  DJ George - It's George's lucky day when the Man with the Yellow Hat wins tickets to a Bonnie Smooth concert over the radio. But at the radio station, George's luck turns when he accidentally locks himself into the DJ booth just as Bonnie Smooth herself is scheduled to call in for an interview. Can a DJ teach a monkey how to operate a radio station through a sound proof window in time for the big call? Curious George Paints the Desert - While visiting the Quints during their desert vacation, George is thrilled when his new Native American friend makes a colorful sand painting of the happy monkey. D

8:30 am 
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!  "No Night Today/Fun in the Sun"  No Night Today - Nick and Sally want to keep playing, but it's getting dark. Why does nighttime have to come? The Cat knows someone who can answer that question - Astronaut Audrey! With a trip to her International Space Station and a large model of the solar system, the kids learn that it's the earth's spinning near the sun that makes it night or day. Fun in the Sun - Phew it's hot! Too hot to play outside. D

9:00 am 
Peg + Cat  "The Blockette Problem/The Tulip Problem"  The Blockette Problem - Radio City Music Hall. When their demanding pal Richard is directing the Radio City Music Hall Blockettes, Peg and Cat find a way to make the set perfectly symmetrical. Primary Content: Symmetry; Secondary Content: Associate events with hot and cold temperatures, height. D

9:30 am 
Dinosaur Train: Nature Trackers Adventure Camp   Get ready for some fun as Mr. Conductor and his nephew Gilbert lead Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and all of their friends on explorations with the Nature Trackers Adventure Camp! Throughout their journeys, the group will find their courage as they race down rivers, have a snowball fight as they climb a tall mountain, ride a zipline over a dense rainforest canopy and even hike down a canyon to dig for fossils, all the while learning about nature and singing lots of wonderful songs that everyone can enjoy and sing along with! Learning about nature has never been this much fun!. D

10:30 am 
Wild Kratts  "Aqua Frog"  While the Wild Kratts explore the life cycle of the Bull Frog, they uncover a plot by Zach Varmitech to destroy the frogs' habitat. With the help of some Wild Kratts kids, the team moves quickly to stop Zach. D

11:00 am 
Super Why!  "The Goose and the Golden Eggs"  Red's friends would love to try some of her delicious apples, but Red wants to keep them all for herself! The Super Readers venture into the story of the Goose and the Golden Eggs to visit an old man who is as protective of his special eggs as Red is of her delicious fruit. This old man must learn his lesson, before his golden goose flies the coop! And Red needs to find out how share with her friends. Educational Objectives: To learn about giving to friends, sing the alphabet and identify the letters M-O-R-E. D

11:30 am 
WordGirl  "The Rise Of Miss Power, Part 3/the Rise Of Miss Power, Part 4"  When WordGirl tries to stand up to Miss Power, she gets bullied and stripped of her superhero star.G

12:00 pm 
Outdoor Idaho  "Winter Grit"  Adventure and grit tie together this collection of cold-weather activities captured on camera across Idaho. From extreme back-country skiing and avalanche assessment, to equestrian skijoring, ice climbing and heli-skiing, everything requires extra grit as well as specialized skills and a desire for adventure.G

12:30 pm 
Chef's Life  "Cracklin' Kitchen"  Vivian goes about christening the restaurant's new "whole animal, no waste" program with two little pigs from Warren Brothers' farm. She uses everything - including the skin - and, on her father's recommendation, demonstrates how to make sweet potatoes with cracklins. D

1:00 pm 
Katie Brown Workshop  "Take The Party Outside"  Katie reveals some of her favorite tried-and-true ideas for taking the party outside. Recipes: BBQ chicken and corn salad. Projects: food cover-ups and an ice bucket with flowers. D

1:30 pm 
Paint This with Jerry Yarnell  "Adobe Sunrise, Part 4"  In this final session Jerry begins the process of painting in all of the miscellaneous and final highlights to give the building and the surrounding snow the early-morning glow. Also he adds final details on building and surrounding area like grasses, bushes, tall weeds, and miscellaneous accent highlights at the base of all the objects that are seated in the snow using the #4 round sable brush. D

2:00 pm 
Essential Pepin  "Vegetable Bounty"  Endive With Olives; Stewed Navy Beans; Gratin Of Leeks; Classic Ratatouille; Tomatoes Maison. D

2:30 pm 
On Story  "Raising Stakes, Reversals, and Payoffs"  Thriller master writer/director Shane Black (KISS KISS BANG BANG, LETHAL WEAPON) discusses the critical elements of a taut, suspense-filled movie - raising stakes, unexpected reversals, and satisfying payoffs - using examples from such classics as ROCKY, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, and LA FEMME NIKITA. Followed by the apocalyptic short film Blind Spot by writer/director Matthew Nayman. D

3:00 pm 
Dialogue  "World Court Judge Joan Donoghue"  The judge is the first female American to sit on the court, which is in The Hague, Netherlands. Donoghue discusses the role of the court and her work on it with host Marcia Franklin.G

3:30 pm 
MotorWeek   NULL

4:00 pm 
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated  "Short Ribs and Chops Hit The Grill"  Test cook Julia Collin Davison show host Christopher Kimball how to make Easy Grilled Boneless Pork Chops. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for pressure cookers in the Equipment Corner. And finally, test cook Bridget Lancaster shows Chris how to make the best Grill-Roasted Beef Short Ribs, and gadget guru Lisa reviews her favorite knife accessories. D

4:30 pm 
Crafting at the Spotted Canary  "Things That Are Lacey"  We all like to feel pretty and lace is one of those designs that makes everything beautiful. Stamps and punches are great tools for adding lace to everyday items. Pillows for the couch can be stamped with lace, you can stamp a piece of fabric for a new-look to a chair, and paper can be punched to make a delicate wreath for the door to welcome your friends. D

5:00 pm 
Antiques Roadshow  "Boise, Hour Three"  The final episode of Roadshow's visit to Idaho last summer has host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Colleene Fesko at the Boise Art Museum to learn about the works of enigmatic Idaho artist James Castle. Highlights include an 1822 letter from Thomas Jefferson that documents his reading suggestions for furthering one's education, and a rare Babe Ruth Candy Club membership card, circa 1926, that details tips from the Babe himself. Part 3 of 3G

6:00 pm 
Music City Roots: Live from the Loveless Cafe   Celebrated female bluegrass band Della Mae kicks off this wide-ranging night of Americana music from the Loveless Cafe. Also, troubadour Tom Yarbrough, haunting Nashville duo Carolina Story and West Coast multi-genre band Marley's Ghost. D

7:00 pm 
Austin City Limits  "Portugal. The Man/Local Natives"  Some of the best in contemporary indie rock comes to the stage with the two groups.G

8:00 pm 
Great Performances  "Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall"  This fully-staged 25th anniversary production stars Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine. The original Phantom and Christine, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, make guest appearances. Other illustrious past Phantoms, including Peter Joback and Colm Wilkinson, join forces for a powerful rendition of "Music of the Night."G

11:00 pm 
Austin City Limits  "Portugal. The Man/Local Natives"  Some of the best in contemporary indie rock comes to the stage with the two groups.G

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January 25, 2014
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