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Have a question for our scientists? There are two ways to ask. You can send Joan a written question by using the form below. Or, you can send her a video question — follow this link to find out how.

To get your question asked on a show, you have to follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Your question has to relate to one of our upcoming topics
  2. You have to submit it by a specific deadline.

Video questions have additional requirements. Here are the topics and submission deadlines for the 2014–2015 season:

Topic Deadline Air Date
Bats [Passed] Sep 16, 2014
States of Matter [Passed] Oct 21, 2014
Astronauts [Passed] Nov 18, 2014
Earthquakes [Passed] Dec 16, 2014
Blood [Passed] Jan 20, 2015
Robotics [Passed] Feb 17, 2015
Food Web [Passed] Mar 17, 2015
Water [Passed] Apr 21, 2015
Soil Apr 1, 2015 May 19, 2015

As long as a deadline hasn't passed, we'll take questions for a topic — even months in advance! So, whether your interest is Bats or Water, ask now.

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Note: We are no longer taking phone calls during the show.

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Look for the announcement of the 2015-2016 show topics in May 2015. Once the topics are listed, you can submit questions for those shows.

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