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Have a question for our scientists? There are two ways to ask. You can send Joan a written question by using the form below. Or, you can send her a video question — follow this link to find out how.

To get your question asked on a show, you have to follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Your question has to relate to one of our upcoming topics
  2. You have to submit it by a specific deadline.

Video questions have additional requirements. Here are the topics and submission deadlines for the 2015–2016 season:

Topic Deadline Air Date
Asteroids and Comets July 15th Sept. 15th
Insects Aug. 15th Oct. 20th
Volcanoes Sept. 15th Nov. 17th
Television Oct. 15th Dec. 15th
Idaho Ecosystems Nov. 15th Jan. 19th
Five Senses Dec. 15th Feb 16th
Force & Motion Jan. 15th Mar. 15th
Horses Feb. 15th April 19th
Oceans Mar 15th May 17th

As long as a deadline hasn't passed, we'll take questions for a topic — even months in advance! So, whether your interest is Asteroids and Comets or Oceans, ask now.

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Look for the announcement of the 2016-2017 show topics in April 2016. Once the topics are listed, you can submit questions for those shows.

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