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Science Trek is all about inspiring students to learn more about science, but it is also important to us to be there for educators. The website and videos have always been correlated to Idaho's science curriculum, and we're now linking topic content directly to relevant Common Core Standards.

We know this is an area that is new for many of you. For us too! It is our intent to provide you with suggestions and ideas to not only enhance your science instruction but also to integrate math and language arts into your plans. You might use the website to instruct your students in reading informational text, study the science presented in each topic, and then provide your students with activities that meet the Common Core requirements. Each grade level is not necessarily represented within these suggestions and ideas, but we trust you'll find some you can use, modify or work from to meet the needs of your students in your classrooms. For some of these suggestions, links are provided to online resources such as worksheets, images, maps or additional instructional materials that will help you to use these ideas. To get started, look for the "Standards" link under each topic's Resources tab.

Once we finish producing a season's worth of show, we don't let the dust settle on our computers. The staff gets together to plan out the next season. We strive to cover the many areas of science — earth science, physical science, life science and space science. You will see that every season has these important components. We try to stay current and aim for topics we know are important and bring interest to you and your students. As we build our season we are thinking about how these programs will fit into the science curriculum and will also increase interest for your students.

Science Trek is a participatory production. You and your students are encouraged to send in questions for the show. Send us questions! We will even lend educators a video camera to record questions for the show. If you need more information, go to our Submit a Video Question page or send us an email. Idaho Public Television and PBS offer lots of great material for educators. Check out the IdahoPTV Learn site.

We want you, the teacher, to be able to use Science Trek to help inspire your students to love science for today and have science knowledge for the future.

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