Dinosaurs: Guests (2012)

David Varricchio

Paleontologist, Montana State University

David Varricchio is an Assistant Professor of Paleontology in the Earth Science Department at Montana State University. His doctoral research examined the taphonomy of dinosaur bonebeds in the Late Cretaceous of Montana, and he received his Ph.D. from Montana State University in 1995. His research continues to be largely field-based and focused on the interface between biologic and geologic processes. By blending sedimentologic, taphonomic and anatomic data within a broader evolutionary context, this work addresses a variety of questions on dinosaur paleobiology.

Past and ongoing research includes studies on the reproductive behavior of the theropod Troodon and its bearing on the evolution of avian reproduction, tyrannosaur stomach contents, herding and parenting behavior in a variety of dinosaurs, describing modern taphonomic processes within the Yellowstone River of Montana, and most recently, documenting burrowing behavior in the dinosaur Oryctodromeus. Current fieldwork includes localities in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and China. Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, David enjoys hiking and bird watching in and out of Montana.

David Varricchio was also a guest scientist for this topic in 2008.

Past guests for this topic include: Dr. William Akersten, Jack Horner, L.J. Krumenacker.

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