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Animal Migration: Teachers

Killer Whale

Migration Lessons

Lots of links to lessons for your migration unit.

Animal instincts from Discovery Education. Great lesson plan complete with printable materials.

Arctic Tern

Powerpoints and More

Migration and Hibernation PowerPoints for your classroom. Great presentations for your SmartBoard or for kids to use from their desktop.

Animal Migration lessons from the University of Missouri's ethemes — 2nd or 3rd grade.


Fun Migration Lessons

Find out about the migration of the Wooly Mammoth — fun class adventure and activity.

Online video from Nova of many species who migrate.


Migration Videos

San Juan Capistrano Swallow migration — includes videos.

Fabulous lessons from Journey North for your study of migrations. Lots of resources.


Great Migration Resources

Superteacherworksheets.com brings you a great resource on migration in pdf format. A complete migration lesson in 5 printable pages.


Winter Migration

Animals in winter. Lesson for first grade students.

Polar Bear

More Lessons and Resources

Check out this great resource from Scholastic.

The National Geographic's Great Migrations Education site has a terrific collection of video, activities, and articles related to animal migration and behavior.

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