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Asteroids and Comets: Guests (2015)

Camille Eddy

BSU NASA Microgravity Team Leader, Boise State University

Camille Eddy is a Mechanical Engineering Student at Boise State. She has had a strong interest in Space Science since the age of 12. She is the leader of a Boise State student organization called Space Broncos and on a committee for a national space organization called Space Horizons. She was also a student in the Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars during high school and in the NASA Microgravity University program at Boise State where she served as team lead. In January 2015 Camille gave the introduction to President Barack Obama during his presidential visit to Boise State. During President Obama's speech he said, "It's this engagement in the STEM field that makes Camille a role model for many young college students. She’s a great example of why we’re encouraging more women and more minorities to study in high-paying fields that traditionally they haven't always participated in -- in math and science and engineering and technology."

Brian Jackson

Assistant Professor of Physics, Boise State University

Professor Jackson joined Boise State's physics faculty in 2014 and was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the Carnegie Dept of Terrestrial Magnetism and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, both in the DC area. He earned his PhD in Planetary Sciences from the University of Arizona in 2009 and his BS in Physics from Georgia Tech in 2004. His research includes finding new extrasolar planets and field work to study dust devils here on the Earth and on Mars. He lives with his family in Boise. Read his research blog or follow him on twitter @decaelus.

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