Asteroids and Comets: Teachers


Find out more about asteroids from NASA.

Learn about comets from NASA.

Learn about NASA's Near Earth Object Program for additional information on asteroids, comets and meteors and find updates to missions related to these bodies.

Carolina Curriculum has a pdf book chapter devoted to asteroids, comets and meteors for you to use on your interactive whiteboard with your whole class or for a small group – grades 5 and up. Great pictures and details to help you teach about these bodies.

Create a comet in your classroom for a hands-on activity.


The Canadian Space Agency has a Venn diagram lesson on comets, meteors and asteroids. It includes student worksheets. Appropriate for multiple grade levels.

Here is a “Space Rocks” game board about comets, meteors and asteroids for you to make and use with your class. Rules, instructions and answer key for “Space Rocks” game board here.

Comet Myths, Facts and Legends lesson.

PowerPoint for upper grades (4th and up) to help with discussion of comets and asteroids. Great images of impact craters, asteroids, asteroid belt and lots more.

Asteroid, Comet or Meteor quiz – from DiscoveryKids.

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