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Bats: Teachers

Bat Art

Bat Art Projects

Take a look at these coloring pages, book templates, and craft projects to accompany your bat unit.

This Smithsonian video shows what bat echolocation sounds like, with the sounds slowed down for human ears.

Find new and creative ways to expand your bat unit here.

Bats Live

Facts and a great resource of additional links from Bats Live. Bats Live also have teacher lesson plans. Links to instructional videos too.

Smiling Bat

Watch this video from National Geographic about a blind man's ability to "see" his environment through his hearing ability. Great echolocation lesson. (Short advertising piece at the start of the video.)

Teachengineering.org has a lesson plan all about echolocation.

Scholastic has lesson plans for teaching about bats.

Bat facts, activities and photos to aid your lessons at KidZone.

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