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The Brain: Resources

Blue Head

The Brain: Our Nervous System

ISBN: 0060877197
Ages: 8 - 12

Everything you wanted to know about the brain from what it looks like to how it functions. All about neurons, dendrites and axons, with wonderful photographs to accompany the detailed text.


The Great Brain Book: An Inside Look At The Inside Of Your Head

Ages: 9-12
ISBN: 0439458951

A detailed look at the brain, beginning with an historical peek at what the ancient Egyptians learned while performing mummification to how the brain performs in our day to day lives. Diagrams and photographs make this book a great addtiona to your library.

Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story About Brain Science

Ages: 9-12
ISBN: 0618494782

Phineas Gage was a real person who suffered a horrid accident when a thirteen pound iron rod was shot through his head. He lived on another 11 years, and science learned a great deal about how the brain functions by studying Phineas.

Brain Work

How Does Your Brain Work (Rookie Read-About Health)

ISBN: 0516278533
Ages: 4-8

This early reader science book comes complete with a pictorial word list. This book details the parts of the brain and how they work together to help us to read and do other daily activities.


The Brain Explorer (Exploratorium at Home)

ISBN: 0805045384
Ages: 9-12

Riddles, puzzles, tricks, and illusions that will help you see into your mind and what it can accomplish. Learn to improve your memory while having lots of fun doing it.


The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions

ISBN: 1402734042
Ages: 6 – adult

Page after page of stunning illusions for you to enjoy.

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