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Butterflies: Guests (2012)

Dr. Paul Castrovillo

Butterfly Curator, Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History

Dr. Paul Castrovillo has a B.S., an M.S., and a Ph.D. in Entomology. Soon after getting his Ph.D. at University of Idaho, he moved to Boise and opened and ran a bookstore for 15 years. He currently works at Micron.

His passion remains entomology. For 18 years, he has been the volunteer insect curator at the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History at The College of Idaho and is the leader of the annual Boise Front 4th of July Butterfly Count. He staffs the "Ask an Entomologist" table during the Idaho Botanical Garden Bug Day and is the insect specialist at the annual Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge BioBlitz. Among other things, he is currently building a Deer Flat insect reference collection.

Steve Burns

Director, Zoo Boise

No bio is available.

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