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Chemistry: Teachers

Chemistry Interactives and Videos

Chemistry Books

Science Kids has a great collection of videos to help you teach the basics of chemistry.

Elearningforkids.org has a great interactive site for older kids. It teaches about chemical changes and then allows students to identify them.

Chemisty Wonders


Teachers, here is the chemistry site you have been waiting for. All sorts of activities to do in your class that covers just about all aspects of chemistry. Visit Wonders of our World.

Do you have a difficult time helping students understand the difference between mass and weight? This downloadable worksheet may be just the solution.

Chemistry Basics


Are you teaching chemistry, but have forgotten your high school chemistry basics? Check out Basic Chemistry and ChemTutor to refresh your skills or answer your questions.

The Exploratorium has links to interactive and graphic sites in basic chemistry. You'll want to visit this one.

For K-2 teachers, the Ruff Ruffman Show from PBS is a great resource for teaching beginning Chemistry concepts. The collections includes complete teaching guides, five engaging videos, Cookie Creator game, and hands-on activities.

Everyday Chemistry


The Royal Society of Chemistry offers a cornucopia of resources devoted to Chemistry in Everyday Life — mostly related to cooking and food. Fun and interesting.

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