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Computers: Guests (2016)

Flossie Erben

Firmware Program Manager, HP Inc.

Flossie Erben is a Firmware Program Manager at HP, Inc. She found her way to Computer Science rather late in her academic career. After starting college at the University of Wyoming as an Undeclared Major, Flossie proceeded to take several classes related to mathematics, science, engineering and history to attempt to find a career that melded her interests and strengths. Flossie took a beginning Computer Programming class, teaching the Pascal language to satisfy a math credit and the rest is, as they say, history. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Flossie joined the Hewlett Packard LaserJet organization in the summer of 2000.

Her first project was contributing to a common LaserJet installation program, focusing on configuring the network settings of a printer. From there, she wrote the first wireless installation process for HP printers. Flossie then moved into managing issues for customers in the field on printer software. She moved from programming and technical deliveries to project and program management. Since 2004, Flossie has managed teams delivering various software and firmware programs for print devices. She continues to use her technical background in Computer Science in creating complex delivery plans for several different engineering teams within HP.

Tim Andersen

Computer Science Department Chair, Boise State University

Tim Andersen is the department chair of Computer Science at Boise State University. Dr. Andersen received his PhD from Brigham Young University and came to Boise State in 2001. Dr. Andersen's teaching and research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational modeling. His current research projects include exploring how cells and tissues repair and recover from injuries, how certain receptors in the human brain are involved in Parkinson's and other neurological diseases, and data analytics for precision agriculture. In his free time Dr. Andersen likes to ski, bike, play soccer, and spend time with his wife and kids.

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