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Digestive System: Books

Digestive System Illustration

The Digestive System (Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers: Level 3.7)

ISBN: 1433336774
Ages 7-10

Learn what happens to your food after you consume it. Follow the route it takes from mouth to the end. Great images - photographs and illustrations to bring the point home.

People Eating in a Kitchen

Guts: Our Digestive System

ISBN: 0060546514
Ages 6-10

Seymour Simon is one of the most well-known and award winning science book authors. He has written books on many science subjects and they always seem to interest kids of all ages. This one is no exception. Photographs and illustrations help to diagram the process of the human digestive system.

Digestive Side View

The Digestive System (New True Books: Health (Paperback))

ISBN: 0531207315
Ages 7-9

This is a great book for the budding scientist who wants to learn more about how the human body functions. Maybe even a gastroenterologist! Great explanation of how the human body deals with food - complete with additional fun and interesting facts about many related details.


Digestion: What is It? (Literacy & science)

ISBN: 1903634067
Ages 5-9

Read about not only human digestion, but learn about how digestion happens in other animals including a cow, a robin and a crocodile. A fascinating way to compare digestive systems of several living creatures. In what way are they the same and in what way are the different? Why don't they all eat the same foods? Read and find out.


Burp!: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Eating (Mysterious You)

ISBN: 1550746014
Ages 9-14

This book offers a unique look at digestion including a man who can eat just about anything, including bicycles and other metal objects. Find out many other interesting and unusual facts about the food we eat, how our body digests food and lots more. You won't want to put it down!!!

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