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Dinosaurs: Links


Visit the University of California's Museum of Paleontology for dinosaurs, fossils, and the world of many paleontologists.

How old is the earth, the dinosaurs, rocks, or fossils? Find out by checking the Time Stairway.

Dinosaur fossil

Visit National Geographic's site on dinosaur eggs. Begin with a hunt for dinosaur eggs and then move on to the hatch area to learn how scientists find dinosaur eggs. See what dinosaur embryos look like in the model section, and then go to the museum to learn more about dinosaur babies and their parents.

Stylish Dinosaur

You can find fossil information at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Want to see drawings of some of your favorite dinosaurs? At London's Natural History Museum, you can look up dinosaurs from an alphabetical list, and while you are there see dinosaurs by the country they lived in. Of course, the dinosaurs didn't know what country it was going to become!


Dinosaur bones

Wow!! A mummified dinosaur in its skin!! You wanna see this!!! And this!!!

Fossils-Facts-and-Finds — check out this web site for activities and tips for hunting your own fossils.

Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters.

Dinosaur playing soccer

You will find dinosaur games, videos, projects, and interviews with real paleontologists at Paleontology: The Big Dig from the American Museum of Natural History.

Dinosaurs for Kids — that's right, just for kids. Games, maps, timeline, dinos by type, and more.

Want to go on a Dino Road Trip? Check out this series of travel videos from National Geographic and go waaaaay back in time!

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