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The Museum of Paleontology at The University of California, Berkeley (UCMP) is probably the best site on the net for learning about dinosaurs! Plan on spending a lot of time here and be sure to check out all the hotlinks so you don't miss out on all the great information at this site! Be sure to check out the latest news at Dino-Buzz!

Travel through time and history at The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada's only institution devoted entirely to paleontology. Take a virtual tour of the museum and explore dinosaurs, plants, and other fossils.

Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History online! The dinosaurs are listed alphabetically, by categories or by time period — however you want to learn about dinosaurs! You can even get a "behind the scenes" look at the Smithsonian collection, get an anatomy lesson about dinosaurs, or participate in a virtual interactive dig.


What happened to the dinosaurs? NASA's Classroom of the Future explores several theories on what caused the dinosaurs to disappear. Was it a super nova? A gigantic volcano? Possibly disease or orbital changes that caused a severe change in weather?

Explore this site and then you decide! Be sure to check out the Staircase of Time — which does a great job of explaining how old the Earth is and when dinosaurs lived!

Flying dinosaur

The names of dinosaurs can be long and difficult to pronounce. Learn how to figure out what those long names mean at UC Museum of Paleontology.

Great list of teacher links for your Dinosaur or Fossil Unit. Lessons, articles, trade books, information, and ideas. All from Scholastic.


Visit National Geographic's Web site on dinosaur eggs! Begin with a hunt for dinosaur eggs and then move on to the hatch area to learn how scientists find dinosaur eggs. See what dinosaur embryos look like in the model section and then go to the museum to learn more about dinosaur babies and their parents.

Visit Chicago's Field Museum online and meet Sue the largest and most complete T. Rex ever discovered! See how they are preparing Sue to be put on display.

Got questions? Visit The United States Geological Survey site to help you find answers.


Need more information for your lessons on dinosaurs? Visit Paso Partners for lots of information and lessons to keep you rolling.

Lots of Dinosaur Powerpoints here.

Dinosaur at a computer

Teacher resources for dinosaur units — lesson plans, webquests, web sites, projects and more.

Great resource for teachers with links to fossils and additional dinosaur information here.

Printable booklet for teachers from USGS to help with the timetable of the earth and fossil studies.

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