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Planet Red

Extrasolar Planets

ISBN: 0761323546
Ages: 8-12

Take a look at our solar system, from its history to how the planets were named. Then venture out beyond our solar system to find out about the newer extrasolar bodies and how exoplanets are discovered. Fine illustrations and additional references such as websites and books also make this book one to read for the space lover.


Life on Other Planets

ISBN: 0531163741
Ages: 9-12

What would life on another planet look like? How will scientists go about finding life if any exists? Investigate the science of life finding and learn how life might be defined from the simplest of forms to the more complex. Also features a list of helpful websites and additional reading suggestions.


Extreme Planets Q&A

ISBN: 0060899743
Ages: 4-8

The world's largest museum — The Smithsonian Institution — provides the scientists who answer questions about our solar system and beyond. Great photographs and helpful details about the sun, the planets, moons, the Kuiper belt and lots, lots, more.


Faraway World: Planets Beyond Our Solar System

ISBN: 1570916160
Ages: 9-12

In 1995 the wobble of a distant star set the scientific world looking for planets beyond our own solar system. This book tells how extrasolar planets are located and includes a lovely collection of artwork portraying distant worlds and imaginative scenes from places still unknown and unvisited.

Is There Life in Outer Space? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

ISBN: 0064451925
Ages: 4-8

A thought-provoking look at the possibility of life in outer space. Cute artwork, a few photographs, and some creative activity suggestions make this a fun book to own or to start a discussion on exoplanet exploration. Great for the early reader in your life.

Alien Computer

Alien Worlds: Your Guide to Extraterrestrial Life

ISBN: 1426311109
Ages: 8-12

What would aliens be like? The author explores the possibility of alien life and it would adapt to its environment. Beautiful artwork to help depict possible life forms and their structural properties. Really great images to encourage the curiosity of future scientists.

Out of This World: The Amazing Search for an Alien Earth

ISBN: 1554531985
Ages: 8 ‐ 12

Science is busy looking for extraterrestrial life. Learn all about how scientists go about finding life in space through the eyes of a cartoon extraterrestrial named Amrosia from Xenon. How do astrobiologists find life in outer space? The answers may surprise you.


Astrobiologist (Weird Careers in Science)

ISBN: 0791089711
Ages: 10 and up

Maybe the scientist in you wants to hunt for aliens on other planets too. Look into astrobiology as a career. You might be the first one to shakes hands with extraterrestrial life.

Life on Other Planets

ISBN: 9780531163740
Ages: 10 -12

Science is engaged in actively looking for life on other worlds. Here is the history of imagining and looking for alien life, from movies and fiction to cutting edge technologies in the real world.

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