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Fish: Teachers

Project Wild

Striped Fish

Here are five activities from the Council for Environmental Education's Project Wild:

  • Fashion a Fish — Grades K–4: Students create fish with special adaptations.
  • Net Gain, Net Effect — Grades 5–8: Students learn about different fishing techniques and how they impact fish populations.
  • GO FISH! — Students learn about the components of habitat through this fun and active outdoor activity.

School of Fish

Clown Fish

Did you know that you can raise your own trout in your classroom? Kids love to watch the trout eggs hatch into small fry. Learn more by contacting your local Fish and Game office or your local Trout Unlimiterd chapter. For more information about the program, go to the Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited site.

Browse a Master Index of freshwater fishes.

Get all the resources to do a Fish Theme Unit. From edHelper.com.

Fish With PBS


Creatures of the Deep: Shark Trackers from the PBS show, Scientific American Frontiers. Track an unseen target with an audio meter, and make accurate estimations of distance and depth by analyzing the signal strength and frequency. Construct an electroscope to detect electric charges.

Kamchatka: Land of Abundant Salmon from the PBS show, The Living Edens. In Kamchatka, the annual sockeye salmon spawning season is an essential element of the region's ecosystem. Learn about fish anatomy, and how human activity is affecting salmon populations in different parts of the world. For middle and high school students.

Natural Born Robots: Swim Like A Fish from the PBS show, Scientific American Frontiers. Compare a tuna's swimming ability and anatomical structure with that of other large, ocean-going fish, and draw a design for a fish or marine mammal. Explore examples of convergent evolution in the animal kingdom and illustrate them.

Get a Teacher's Guide on the coelacanth, the so-called fossil fish. Based on the PBS NOVA program, Ancient Creatures of the Sea.

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