Flight: Teachers


Lesson Plans and Power Points

Get lesson plans for teaching your flight unit from Sciencekids and NASA.

ethemes from University of Missouri has pulled together some great resources for teaching Aerodynamics.

Get ready-made PowerPoint presentations on flight.

The Smithsonian has lesson plans for teaching about the Wright Brothers.

Acrobatic flight


The Smithsonian also offers classroom activities related to the Wright Brothers.

The Exploratorium's Science Explorer has these activities for the budding aircraft designers:

Teach your students how to make a paper airplane.

Play with different birds' wings in this Airborne Experiment to learn about Bernoulli's Principle and other scientific principles that make flight possible. A great tutorial.

Balloon flight

Exhibitions and Explanations

Among the resources listed at Kids.gov is the America by Air online exhibit from the Air and Space Museum.

The Franklin Institute offers some unique resources on the Wright Brothers' experiments with airfoils and wind tunnels.

In addition, their servers now host materials from the now-archived Flights of Inspiration exhibit, as well as the original Principles of Aeronautics website created by NASA's Learning Technologies Project and Cislunar Aerospace, Inc.

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