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What Eats?

“What Eats?” is a great website that tells you what the predators and prey of any animal is. You type in the inquiry and up comes a list of animals that eat or are eaten by your input. Great site with lots of other tools, such as food web diagrams and videos. Some advertising.

Here's a pretty good detailed text of the comparison of a food chain and a food web for you to print and use or pull it up on your interactive whiteboard. Printable images to use as handouts too.

Games are a great way to help students learn. Here is a food web game for you to make for your class.

Have your class act out a food web. Here are the instructions.


Food Chains and Webs

Decomposers and Scavengers video here and teachers' guide for the program here from New Hampshire Public Television.

Who Eats Whom - an activity from NASA

Would you like to understand food chains and webs just a little bit better? National Geographic has the site for you.


Food Chain and Food Web Activities

Watch a great video about food chains from How Stuff Works.

National Geographic has an online simulation of a food web.

ExploringNature.org has a great list of resources for your food chain/web lessons – includes worksheets, art, games and activities

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