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Force and Motion: Teachers

Force and Motion Resources!

Teachers, are you feeling a little anxious about your force and motion unit? Here is some great help from a teacher who has taught this unit – learn from her experience.

If you are looking for easily accessible Force and Motion activities for your classroom, Zoom is a wonderful resource.


Here is a great resource for your force and motion lessons. Lesson plans, worksheets, ideas and lots more.


Falling Baseball

Annenberg Learner is a great place to visit if you want some great resources to add to your force and motion knowledge. Great for teachers too.

Physics Resources


The Physics Classroom is your ultimate resource for teaching and learning about any physics topic.

Great teacher resource for additional ideas and understanding for you before you have to teach it.

Lesson Plans and Lessons


Lesson plan about inertia. Great demonstration activity.

For K-2 teachers, The Ruff Ruffman Show from PBS is a great resource for teaching Force and Motion concepts. The collection includes complete teaching guides, five engaging videos, Fish Force game, and hands-on activities.

Find great lesson plans on Force and Motion for grades K-5, from the Utah Education Network.

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