Habitat: Resources


Animal Habitats! (Williamson Little Hands Series)

ISBN: 0824967569
Ages: 4–8

Explore animal habitats through art and creative play. Learn about the various habitats of North America.

Pond Animals (Animals in Their Habitats)

ISBN: 1403404380
Ages: 4–8

Find out how mammals, birds, amphibians and insects of the pond habitat live, eat and protect themselves This is one book in a series of habitat-themed books.

Kids' Easy-to-Create Wildlife Habitats: For Small Spaces in City-Suburbs-Countryside

ISBN: 0824986652
Ages: 9–12

Explore the habitat of your own back yard. Find out what animals live there and how they make their homes.


The Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book About Animal Habitats

ISBN: 0590484133
Ages: 4–8

Go with Mrs. Frizzle and her students in The Magic School bus to visit animal habitats.

Bird with Paper

A Forest Habitat (Introducing Habitats)

ISBN: 0778729796
Ages: 4–8

There's an entire collection of habitat books in this series. It includes volumes on grassland, desert, arctic, and water habitats.

Cave Animals (Animals in Their Habitats)

ISBN: 140340433X
Ages: 4–8

Learn about how animals who call a cave home live. Visit the mammals, insects, fish and others who dwell in caves. Part of a large series of habitat books.

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