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Heart: Teachers

Activities and Information


Check out this video-based lesson about the circulatory system from NeoK12.

Get in-depth explanations of the heart and the circulatory system from The National Health Museum's Access Excellence site.

Visit a previous Science Trek show about Blood, for additional information about the circulatory system.

Explore this terrific site from the Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia.

Great Ideas for Lesson Plans

Heart flexing illustration

Texas Heart Institute's Project Heart has a terrific site for educators that is also linked to their site for kids. You'll find lesson plans for grades K-6 and ideas for interactive projects. Available in English and Spanish.

A Look at the Human Heart features lesson plans for hands-on investigations on topics such as heart anatomy, circulation, and measuring heartbeats. Scroll down to “Lesson Plans” and take a look.

See the Kids Health site for lessons and handouts on the cardiovascular system for grades K–2, grades 3–5, and middle school.

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