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Horses: Guests (2016)

Dr. Madison Seamans

Equine Veterinarian, Cornerstone Equine Medical Service

Dr. Madison Seamans is an equine veterinarian who has been in practice for thirty years in Texas, Kentucky, New Mexico, California, and now in the Treasure Valley with his beautiful wife, Annette. He rode bronco horses 'till his brains came in and he decided college was easier than shoeing horses and cowboyin'. He finished his DVM (veterinary) degree in 1985 at Texas A&M University, and he earned a Masters Degree at the University of Florida where he studied the equine immune system. Later he was a teaching resident at UC Davis College of Veterinary Medicine. He is an internationally published author, artist and bad poet. He has a mobile equine practice in southern Idaho and has a strong interest in podiatry, equine behavior and riding his horses in the majestic mountains of Idaho.

Myron Amsden

President, Idaho Quarter Horse Association

My name is Myron Amsden and horses have always been a part of my life. My first horse was named Buttons and he lived to be 29 years old. As a youth, I rode horses for both pleasure and for work.

After college, I served in Vietnam. After returning home, I was a business executive for over 20 years. I married and had two daughters. After many years, we all started to ride and enjoy horses.

I left my corporate job and when to farrier (horseshoer) school in Oklahoma and returned to Idaho and began my career as a full time trainer and horseshoer. I also sat on the Star city Council after being appointed by Governor Otter.

We then moved between Star and Middleton and started Western Star Ranch, where we offer boarding, training, lessons, and compete in horse trail challenges.

Over the past several years I have been president of Western Riding Club, president of the Echapa Bareback Riders, director and president of the Idaho Horse Council, president of Farriers Guild of Idaho and currently am the president of Idaho Quarter Horse Association. I judge for 4-H at the Western Idaho Fair and I am the coordinator for the Idaho Horse Expo, the largest horse expo in Idaho.

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