Mars: Teachers

Mars rover
Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Rovers

Visit this site to learn more about NASA’s rovers and to find out the latest news on them. Click here.

Mars surface

Find so many Mars related things to share with your students. Download a Mars calendar or a booklet or even a Curiosity pamphlet. Games and more for your class. Click here.


Mars for Educators

You will find so much to help you with your Mars unit here.

Mars Facts

Share a Mars tidbit each day with the help of this site. Click here.

Geography of Mars

Compare Mars to Earth for a new twist on your geography unit. Click here.

Here is a lesson plan based on that geography idea. Click here.

Inner Planet PowerPoints

Find one or more that meets your needs for teaching. Click here.

water drop

Learn about the Mars Exploration Rover Mission.
Click here.

STEM lesson plans about Mars. Lots to choose from.
Click here.

Searching for Evidence of Water on Mars — lesson plan. Click here.

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