States of Matter: Teachers

Molecules, Compounds and Mixtures

Make Ooze with these instructions, then use this lesson plan to make it more meaningful.


Here is a great refresher on molecules, compounds and mixtures to update your own knowledge or to share with your class.

You might want to try this one from McDanial College on your interactive whiteboard — lots of great information, fun sound effects, and interaction too.

Here is another source for teaching states of matter using your interactive whiteboard as your text. Great reading information and well organized in chapters.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

If you also teach about atoms, elements, and compounds you might want to use this section from the same author.


If you have access to HyperStudio — this lesson might interest you. It is more like a unit on states of matter — lots to use with your upper grade students.

Your lessons on matter will never be short on activities or experiments if you use this site. So much to do with your class. Great ideas and easy to follow instructions .

Super Teacher Resource

Classification of Matter Jeopardy game for your computer — uses PowerPoint to run.


Super teacher resource for games, worksheets, diagrams, videos — you name it — all about matter here.

Here is a terrific worksheet about the three states of matter. It helps students see the relationship of the atoms and how they work in each of the different states. Vocabulary practice at the end.

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