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The Moon: Teachers

Lesson Plans for your Moon unit

K-3 teachers: These Ready Jet Go! videos from PBS offer engaging lessons including Journey to the Moon, The Moon's Craters, Phases of the Moon, Moonquakes, and more.

Utah State University has compiled a great list of educator resources from NASA.

Teacher Planet has lots of lessons and worksheets.

The Lunar Cycle — In this lesson plan from WGBH and the NSF, students learn about the Moon's changing appearance and how orbital motion causes the Moon's phases.


Moon Activities

The Earth's Moon has some great PowerPoints available for use in the classroom.

Check out these two collections of whiteboard activities — Planets, moons and their dark sides and Earth and Space.

Teach your students a moon song to learn about the moon's phases.

The Moon Landing — a great poem for kids about astronauts landing on the moon.

Take a look at these ideas for hands-on activities from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Your students might enjoy making an earth-moon model, acting out moon phases, building a moon rover, recording moon observations, or exploring a lunar eclipse.

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