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Muscles: Teachers

Bicep curl


Lesson Plan — Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles — click here.

BrainPop Jr. — Muscles lesson and activity to help students recognize how their muscles work. Click here.


Online Muscles quiz for your class to try — click here.

If you are a member of EdHelper.com, here are some great activities for your muscles lessons. Click here.

Take a look at these muscle drawings by
Da Vinci.

Torso muscles


PowerPoints about Muscles

  • My Muscular System — for older kids — click here.
  • Muscles — for older kids — click here.
  • Muscles PowerPoint Presentation — 3rd -5th grade — click here.
  • The Amazing Muscular System — 2nd — 4th grade — click here.

What happens to muscles when astronauts head to space? Here is a great lesson surrounding space travel and muscles. Click here.



Resources from KidsHealth

Your Muscles — Lots of great information here.

Why Exercise is Cool — click here.

A Muscle Movie — click here.

Muscle Lesson Plan and PowerPoint — also above in PowerPoint list — click here.

Great diagram of the three types of muscle tissue. Click here.

Weight Lifter

KidsBiology has everything for you about Muscles — click here. Teachers- put this up on your SmartBoard for a great way to teach about muscles.

Scholastic has a slide show and quiz about the muscular system.

Can you make a muscle? Great science experiment for your class. Click here.

Man listening to music while lifting weights

Great muscles worksheets — click here.

The Muscles Song — we all learn better through music — click here.

Facial Muscle
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