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Secrets of the Ocean Realm from PBS is a companion to the program of the same name. Lots of resources for you and your class.

Ocean videos from PBS Learning Media.

Oceans Alive is a comprehensive resource for you and your students on the topic of oceans. It covers the physical features, the water cycle, continental drift, currents, waves, weather, oceanic layers, exploration, and so much more. This might be one you open up on your interactive whiteboard and use as a text. Great pictures, illustrations, maps and detailed science makes this a go-to resource.

Here is another really great unit titled Oceanography that has lots of resources for your ocean unit. Very colorful and kid friendly – might make a great interactive whiteboard tool.

Ocean floor model activity and diagram for your ocean floor lesson.

Lesson Plans for the Ocean


Here is a great visual of the earth from the highest peaks to the lowest depths. Comparisons of oxygen levels and historic locations all in one scrollable image.

Here is a great YouTube video explaining how surface waves become surf that crash on the beach.

Watching the Tides is a great video from PBS about the tidal flow.

Ocean Adventures is a PBS production from Jean-Michael Cousteau. Included are lesson plans, videos, articles, games and more for your ocean lessons. Here are the full videos (about one hour each) for you to use, if you desire.

The Science Behind Tsunamis – lesson plan and hands-on activity for your class.

NASA studies the oceans as well as space. Find out what they are learning.

Ocean resources and More!


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the place to head for answers about oceans, weather and more.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has lots for you and your students on oceans. Find lessons, activities, games, and more.

Ocean currents from NOAA – map, lessons, and more.

There's lots for you and your students to discover at the Natural History Museum. The deep ocean and frozen oceans along with the many forms of ocean life are just a few of the interesting topics available.

Here are an entire list of ocean lesson plans from Core Knowledge.

The Ocean Portal at the Smithsonian is a great resource for lesson plans for your ocean studies.

Lesson plans and hands-on activities from Ohio State University about the ocean.

Ocean Study Units


Ocean Life Study Unit – Lesson plans from Scholastic with downloadable reproducibles, Teachers' Guide, meet an explorer, classroom mission, and more.

Scholastic also has a great resource on Oceanography – you may want to read this one yourself to learn about oceans before you plan out your ocean unit.

Here is a complete kindergarten unit about Oceans. First and second grade teachers may find some useful information that they can adapt to their students too.

Mariana Trench activity for your class. Lesson plan and activity description from National Geographic.

Ocean quizzes, videos, diagrams to label and vocabulary skills are just some of the great resources available at Neok12.

More Ocean Lesson Plans


Lesson plans from NOAA!! You can even search for specific lessons by keyword. Or scan through their library of lesson plans.

Have your kids create a Motion Ocean – easy hands-on activity for your class from National Geographic.

Sonar allows scientists to see the ocean floor. This video tells the story of how they do this. From National Geographic.

Online games/quizzes created by other teachers or their students related to your ocean topic can be found at purposegames.com – take a look at the large list of ocean related topics they have available.

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