Predators: Resources


Predators (Insiders)

ISBN: 9781416938637
Ages: 9-12

Amazing and fabulous 3-D illustrations are the highlight of this book on predators. Learn all about how predators hunt to survive.


Predator Attack!

ISBN: 0769631762
Ages: 4-12

Huge two-page photographs will thrill all kids as they watch up close how predators find and capture their food. The book is written for younger readers, but the pictures will fascinate all learner levels and the vast number of animals explored in this book will delight students of all ages.

Wolf vs. Elk

ISBN: 1410939502
Ages: 9-12

This is one of a series of books investigating predator vs. prey. See how the wolf takes down an elk in its effort to survive.


Dolphin vs. Fish

ISBN: 1410939499
Ages: 9-12

Another book in the predator vs. prey series. Most people don't think about the graceful dolphin as a hunter, but even the dolphin has to eat.

Fangs, Claws & Talons: Animal Predators

ISBN: 1600591507
Ages: 4-8

Kids will enjoy this book about a vast number of creatures and the way that they are each endowed with highly developed tools for feeding. Wonderful pictures and animals that engage and entertain fill this book.


How do Animals Adapt? (The Science of Living Things)

ISBN: 0865059578
Ages: all ages

This book investigates adaptation and how adaptation protects and provides for animals. Types of adaptation include camouflage, hibernation, migration, and various methods of locomotion such as swimming, flying, and jumping. This is a three book series which includes beautiful full-color photographs.

Claws, Coats, and Camouflage

ISBN: 0761318658
Ages: 4-8

Descriptions of physical as well as behavioral adaptations along with full-color photos make this book a comprehensive look at how adaptation can be found throughout the animal kingdom, including humans.

What Do You Know about Animal Adaptations? (20 Questions: Science)

ISBN: 140424199X
Ages: 4-8

Simple questions and answers help readers learn all about animals and their adaptations.


Extreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth

ISBN: 0763630675
Ages: 9-12

Take a look at how life has learned to adapt to the most extreme of the conditions on the earth. From dry deserts to steaming volcanoes — life can be found everywhere.

What Is a Carnivore?

ISBN: 0778732940
Ages: 4-8

Carnivores hold a special place in the food chains and webs of the earth. This book explains their role and how they hunt their food.

Venus Flytrap

Meat-Eating Plants

ISBN: 0531162222
Ages: 9-12

Some plants have developed a talent for eating meat. They grow in areas of poor soil, which has forced them to adapt and learn to consume animal life.

Hungry Plants

ISBN: 0375825339
Ages: 4-8

Learn about carnivorous insect-eating plants and how such plants as the Venus flytrap, the sundew, pitcher plants and the bladderwort bait, trap, and consume their prey.

What Color Is Camouflage?

ISBN: 0064451607
Ages: 4-8

A fabulous look at camouflage and how animals have come to use it to blend into their surroundings. This science series is especially written for the beginning reader who is loving science and wants to find out more.


What are Camouflage and Mimicry? (The Science of Living Things)

ISBN: 0865059624
Ages: 4-8

A colorful look at how animals camouflage themselves and mimic other creatures to avoid becoming someone else's dinner. Sneaking up on prey and employing toxic poisons are just a few of the many strategies animals use to get their own food.

Wise Owl

A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators

ISBN: 0976626497
Ages: 4-8

An entertaining ABC look at carnivores from all over North America. Water color paintings grace each page and illustrate the twenty-six creatures in their habitats.

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