Rivers: Resources


Life in a River (Ecosystems in Action)

ISBN: 0822521369
Ages: 9-12

This book takes a wonderful journey along the Columbia River. Learn about the geology, the geography, and about the running of the salmon as they make their way home. Beautiful photos and detailed text make this book a great addition to your library.

Eye Wonder: Rivers and Lakes (Eye Wonder)

ISBN: 0789490463
Ages: 4-8

Eyewitness books have always been a favorite of children and adults alike for their excellent approach to comprehensive topics. Now Eyewitness takes a look at rivers and lakes. Great pictures and detailed facts to enjoy together.


Erosion (Reading Essentials in Science)

ISBN: 0756944414
Ages: 9-12

This is an ideal book explaining all about what erosion is, what causes it, and what the environmental impacts are. Good photographs add to the details.

Erosion (Early Bird Earth Science)

ISBN: 0822566192
Ages: 4-8

Erosion for early readers. Beautiful pictures and simpler text make this book ideal for kids in the lower grades.

Water Cycle

The Water Cycle (First Facts, Water All Around)

ISBN: 0736851828
Ages: 9-12

Explore water everywhere — rain, tap water, lakes, and rivers. Learn how water recycles and other fun facts to share.

The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About The Water Cycle

ISBN: 0590508334
Ages: 4-8

Mrs. Frizzle and her students learn all about the water cycle. They head off on another adventure only the Magic School Bus could undertake.

The Wonder of a Waterfall (Rookie Read-About Science)

ISBN: 0516264834
Ages: 4-8

Learn about waterfalls all around the world. Beautiful full-color photographs along with great text help to describe the structure of falls for kids who love these natural wonders.


Waterfalls (Forces of Nature)

ISBN: 1567664873
Ages: 9-12

Study up on questions and answers about the characteristics, causes, effects, and locations of waterfalls.

Glaciers (True Books: Earth Science)

ISBN: 0516271911
Ages: 4-8

This is a beautiful book to put in your library. Wonderful color photos and clear text make this one you will want to visit again and again.

And here is another book in the same series:

Valleys and Canyons (True Books: Earth Science)

ISBN: 0516271938
Ages: 4-8

The book is another one that is equally as impressive. It would make a good partner book with Glaciers for use in your study of rivers or geology.


Glaciers (First Books Series)

ISBN: 0531159566
Ages: 8-12

A scientific look at what makes a glacier, how scientists study them, and how they have changed the earth's surface. A book for budding scientists; you will enjoy this one.

Glaciers (Blastoff Readers: Learning About the Earth)

ISBN: 1600141137
Ages: 4-8

Great photos and easy text are what make this book ideal for early readers who want to learn more about glaciers.

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