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Robotics: Books

Robot Books

Robot (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN: 0756602548
Ages: 9-12

What better way to start off your study of robots than to explore this Eyewitness edition of Robot. Study the world of robots from their earliest creation to the most modern of robotic technologies.

Robot Paper

National Geographic Readers: Robots

ISBN: 1426313446
Ages: 6-9

This is a great book for the child who wants to learn more about robots. Photographs of scientists and robots busy at work help take you into the world of robots. Learn all about how they work and how they were created.


ISBN: 1416964142
Ages: 8-14

Find out what a robot can do and cannot do by reading this great book that includes photographs of real robots for you to enjoy.



ISBN: 1936749750
Ages: 9-12

This is a book specifically for kids who love robots. Learn to build your own. This book covers it all from the history of early robot concepts to modern marvels in science. And this book also teaches you how to make your own robots. You will love this book if you are a robot scientist at heart.

Cool Robots

ISBN: 080508763X
Ages: 4-8

Build your own cool robots using Legos and create environments for them too. Pictures and instructions make the construction easy.


Robots at Your Service: From the Factory to Your Home

ISBN: 1476551138
Ages: 8-14

Find out all the great things that robots do in our world. What do they build, what do they repair, what do they package, and what do they do that you didn't even know about? Explore the robot world and learn about their contributions to today's production, medical and science life.


Artificial Intelligence

ISBN: 0531164683
Ages: 9-12

Great book that explores the history of robots, including all our favorites from television and movies. You will smile at some of the crazy thoughts we had about robots in the past.

Beanie Robot

Space Robots

ISBN: 0736891692
Ages: 4-8

Great photographs from NASA and lessons for the classroom make this a must-read. You will want to take a look at this one for your classroom.

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